How we science better

The way we approach biotech and innovation is the foundation of our products and success. It starts with looking at every single molecule that our incredible world has provided us with. This enables us to discover many unknown health potentials in plants, fruits, vegetables, and marine life. By looking at these potentials from many angles with our closely connected teams across the world, we are able to truly use nature as our library and come up with fascinating new applications.

This is Rob Saunders, aka 'Dr. Rob'. He’s different. His unique way of looking at the world as a chemist is behind many of our great innovations.

The average person might look at an orange and say, 'Tastes great, awesome colour, makes me think of summer.' True. A biologist will tell you about the way it grows and how it became what it is.

Zooming in on the chemistry of the molecule

When Rob looks at an orange, he sees other things: phytonutrient compounds like citrus flavanones, hesperetin, naringenin, anthocyanins, hydroxycinnamic acids, polyphenols, herperidin and a lot more. While some might find it strange to view an orange as a pile of molecules like Rob does, we actually think it means appreciating nature’s creations down to the very last amazing detail. And nobody looks more closely than 'Dr. Rob'.

Finding, extracting and purifying game changers

Thanks to scientists like Rob, who is part of Zaluvida at Neem Biotech, our whole group has access to cutting-edge computational and analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, rational drug design, microbiology, and engineering. The technologies used include a range of separation, drying and analytical techniques as well as a bespoke Class II microbiology laboratory. By carrying out assays, extracting and characterising bioactive molecules from plants, and purifying enzymes, the groundwork for great solutions is laid.

Nobody unleashes the power of garlic like us

To be honest: we are a little obsessed with garlic for many reasons. The organosulfur compounds ajoene and allicin, which come from garlic,  have been shown to have so many potential medicinal applications that we spend a lot of time on mastering the science of garlic. We are especially proud of having perfected the processing and preparation of these incredible substances. This has allowed us to enhance and maximise the antithrombotic, virucidal, antimicrobial and various other properties of the molecules nature has hidden for us inside of garlic. We are amazed by the great innovation possibilities that still lie ahead of us.